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  Titanium dioxide R02

Chemical formula -

Cas number - 13463-67-7

Form - Fine powder of white colour

Physico-chemical properties - Titanium dioxide R02  is titanium oxide TiO2, rutile type produced by sulphate method with surface treatment Al+Si.

Usage - For its high resistance to atmospheric influences, good dispersion and optical features is used like a convertible pigment in paints and dyes industry, really wide use finds also in plastic industry in production of PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS, dyes, etc.

Packing - 25 kg multiply paper bags with PE lining, 1 pallet / 1000 kg,  shrink-wrap, big-bags 500-1500 kg, weight upon request of customer 

Tech. characteristic Titanium dioxide R02
Content of TiO2 % min 93
Content of rutile % min 95
Moisture % max 1
pH   6,4-7,8
Surface treatment   Al, Si
Residue on sieve 45 µm % max 0,02
Relative tint reducing power min 1750
Dispersion µm max 15
Oil consumption g/100g 25
Colour coordinates CIE L*a*b* L* 97,79
  a* -0,49
  b* 3,29
  delta E 0,7

Reflactance Titanium dioxide R02


Pigments, fillers

On pages of this section you will find wide choice of inorganic and organic pigments and fillers intended mainly for paints and dyes industry, building industry, ceramic manufacture, glass-making industry, plastic industry, etc.The best selling item of this branch of business is white pigment titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide KTR 600 and titanium dioxide R02. Both of these titanium dioxides find very wide choice of exercise almost in every branch you may imagine and which are also mentioned above.


The division of metallurgy produces a wide assortment of FeSi briquettes and SiC briquettes. Besides the base range of 10 types we produce briquettes to order according to a wish of our customer. Production capacity of our plant is about 3 000 tones per month. SiC and FeSi briquettes are delivered on palettes, in big-bags or in bulk. Further we sell Silicon Carbide in different grit sizes and in different types of packing.

Silicon carbide  www.korund.cz
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