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Chromium oxide green P.G. 17
Chemical name - Cr2O3

Form - Fine powder of green colour

Physico-chemical properties - Chrome oxide Cr2O3 is synthetic, thermal very resistant pigment, stable and resistant to acids and alkalis. It is also light-stable.

Usage- It is used like an addition to furnace walling, in a production of anticorrosive and fire-proof surfaces, than in a production of coating compositions (when mixed with cheap black pigment you can reach many important tints - RAL 6001,6002,6010, which you can only get when you use more expensive organic phthalate pigments ), stuffs, colour bricks, tiles, roofing, rubber, plastics, etc.

Packing - 25 kg multiply paper bags, 1 pallet / 1000 kg,  shrink-wrap

Tech. charkteristic chromium oxide green

Content of Cr2O3 % min 99,2
Matters soluble in water % max 0,1
Content of Al2O3 + SiO2 % max 0,3
Content CrVI  g /100 g 0,002729
Pb, Cd, BA, Sb, Se, As, Hg,Al,Na, Zn,Rb,Bi, % max 1.10-4
Moisture % max 0,15
Residue on sieve 63 µm % max 0,1
pH   6.8
Colour data - CIELAB 10° , D65  L* 45,40
  a* -17,19
  b* 18,80
  DE* max 2
Reflactance chromium oxide green



The division of metallurgy produces a wide assortment of FeSi briquettes and SiC briquettes. Besides the base range of 10 types we produce briquettes to order according to a wish of our customer. Production capacity of our plant is about 2 000 tones per month. SiC and FeSi briquettes are delivered on palettes, in big-bags or in bulk. Further we sell Silicon Carbide in different grit sizes and in different types of packing.


The division of abrasive materials provides a wide assortment of Corundum brown, Corundum white and Silicon Carbide.  We are delivering a wide choice of grit sizes FEPA F and FEPA P. Further our offer contents all grit sizes determined for refractory and concreting purposes. We can produce the unusual types of grit sizes to order. The goods is delivered in big-bags, paper bags or in bulk.


In this year 2002 has been put in action a line determined for recycling of SiC and a following sale of recycled SiC for metallurgy. In 2003 will be put in action a new line determined for a production of Corundum brown.