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Titanium dioxide
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  Titanium dioxide KTR 600

Chemical formula
- TiO2

Type - rutile

Surface treatment - Al,Si

Cas number - 13463-67-7

Form - Fine powder of white colour

Physico-chemical properties - Titanium dioxide is titanium oxide TiO2, rutile type produced by sulphate method with a classic surface treatment Al+Si. Surface treatment by aluminium oxide (alumina) and silicon oxide (silica) improves stability and dispersion under the given conditions. Titanium dioxide KTR 600 is insoluble in water and also in a solvent organic, it is very stable and chemical inert. No toxic effects are known up to now.

Usage - for its high resistance to atmospheric influences, good disperse and optical features is used like a convertible pigment in paints and dyes industry, really wide use finds also in plastic industry in production of PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS, dyes, etc.

Packing - 25 kg multiply paper bags with PEálining, 1 pallet / 1000 kg,á shrink-wrap, big-bags 500-1500 kg, weight upon request of customer


Tech. characteristic
Titanium dioxide KTR 600

Content of TiO2 % min 93
Rutile content % min 95
Moisture % max 1
pH   6,4-7,8
Surface treatment   Al, Si
Residue on sieve 45 Ám % max 0,02
Relative tint reducing power min 1800
Dispersion Ám max 14
Oil consumption g/100g 25,0
Colour coordinatesCIE L*a*b* L* 97,78
  a* -0,34
  b* 2,62
  delta E 0,7

Titanium dioxide KTR 600



KTR 600

Multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide with excellent optical features, good ability to disperse and very good price.  We can recommend this white pigment mainly to paints industry - for adulterate coating compositions and also for coating compositions made of solvents, further to plastics industry - to dye through PE, PVC and PP substances.



Titanum dioxide (TiO2) is best known white pigment. TiO2 has ability to scatter light and also can absorb energy of UV light. These facts influence its properties and widen its possibilities to be used in lot of different applications.



Titanium dioxide is available in two crystal forms: 1. rutile, 2. anatase. Advantages of rutile TiO2 to anatase one are following: higher refractive index; better light-scattering; superior weather-resistance properties.