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Titanium dioxide
  Titanium dioxide KTR 600
  Titanium dioxide R 02
  Line KT
  Line KTB
  Line CM
  other lines
Chromium oxide
  SiC metal. 90 %
  SiC recyclate
  SiC briquettes
  Ferosilicium 65 %
  Ferosilicium briquettes
  Brown corundum
  Whitte corundum
  Silicon carbide
Colour pigments
  Colour pigments
White fillers
  Baryte filler 63 µm
  Baryte white 40 µm
  Lithopone 28 - 30 %
  Omyacarb 2/5/15 VA


Company profile

Company KOLTEX was established in 1990. This year company celebrates 20 years from its establishment. Eventhough somebody could feel this period short, during less than one decade company has won very good position not only on the Czech market and in Europe, but also in many countries of Africa, Asia and South America.


Firm is devided into two main groups – Pigments and Metallurgy and three assistant - Inland, Logistcs and Production. Thanks to very close connection of all these groups, proper flexibility and minimization of all costs is ensured. These things are automaticly shown in a target price. A special attention is paid to the price policy. Low price level and its stability are apparent in most of produced and distributed commodities.


The main programme of this division are inorganic pigments and fillers, its packing and distribution. Representation of several East European and West European producers of pigments and fillesr is very useful incorporation to distribute quality but also very cheap raw materials. This group is strongly focused on export. By means of direct deliveries or through built up business subsidiaries, our products are supplied to all European countries and many countries of Latin America and Africa.


The division of metallurgy produces a wide assortment of FeSi briquettes and SiC briquettes. Besides the base range of 10 types we produce briquettes to order according to a wish of our customer. Production capacity of our plant is about 1 000 tones per month. SiC and FeSi briquettes are delivered on palettes, in big-bags or in bulk. Further we sell Silicon Carbide in different grit sizes and in different types of packing.


Our efforts and ever-lasting objectives are satisfied customers, that will turn on our company as on the expert in the assigned sphere with a faith and goodwill

Pigments, fillers

On pages of this section you will find wide choice of inorganic and organic pigments and fillers intended mainly for paints and dyes industry, building industry, ceramic manufacture, glass-making industry, plastic industry, etc.The best selling item of this branch of business is white pigment titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide KTR 600 and titanium dioxide R02. Both of these titanium dioxides find very wide choice of exercise almost in every branch you may imagine and which are also mentioned above. For complete information on both types - titanium dioxide R02 and titanium dioxide KTR 600, please use cross reference on the left side of this page.

Department of metallurgy and abrasive materials offers inexhaustible choice of raw materials for foundry and iron industry. Variety of silicon carbides (grain sizes Fepa F14 - F1200and Fepa P14 - P1200), SiC metallurgical (for foundries SiC 90% a) 0-10 mm, b) 0-20 mm). Packaging in paper bags, big bags, in bulk or in cistern. Usage in electric furnaces. SiC briquets (normal, special, extra) upon a request of customer. Brown corundums (Grains Fepa F12 - F1200, Fepa P12 - P1200), white electrocorundums, etc.