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iron oxide pigments






Iron oxide pigments have very good colouring strenght, hiding power, stability and light resistance. They are nontoxic and without any harmful influences on health and environment. They are resistant against alkali, weather effects and industrial air. They are fireproof, nonexplosive with very good thermal resistance. They are synthetic or natural.



They find the use like economically optimal pigments in all possible areas of colouring. They are mainly used for colouring interlocking pavement, roofing, stuffs, asphalt, paints, ceramics and plastics.




Fepren TP 303  
CK 130  
T350 M  
T302 S  
CK 920  
CK 940*  
CK 950*  
CK 960  
K 663  
K 500  
CK 722  
CK 835





Natural or Synthetic: Which product to choose?


The advantages of natural mineral over its synthetic rival stretch way beyond environmental issues.


Of course the fact that natural is simply taken out the ground while synthetic is made through a series of highly toxic procedures, is clearly a significant point to consider in this environmentally conscious era.

However, when it comes to manufacturing paint primers, there are many more highly significant reasons that favour Natural Red Oxide ahead of its synthetic rival.


Here are some popular myths:

* The higher Fe2O3 of synthetic (say 98%) offers better protection to its natural rival (80-82%).

Wrong, higher Fe2O3 content does not mean superior protection. More...


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