product  type

chromium oxide Cr2O3, GRER 17




1. Description      

Chromium oxide green is synthetic pigment with high content of Cr2O3. For the high content of Cr2O3 and high melting point (2450 ° C) is mainly used as an additive to furnace walling for the production of anticorrosive and refractory surfaces. For its high light resistence and stability it is also used for the production of coating compositions (when mixed with cheap black pigment you can reach many important tints - RAL 6001, 6002, 6010, which you can only get when you use more expensive organic phthalate pigments), stuffs, colour bricks, tiles, roofing, rubber, plastics, etc.


2. Chemical properties      
Cr2O3 GRER17
Cr2O3 % min 99 99
Content of Al2O3 + SiO2 % max 0,3 0,4
Matters soluble in water % max 0,1 0,1
2. Physical properties      
Colour data - CIELAB 10° , D65  CIE L 45,4 45,6
a* 17,19 16,2
b* 18,8 17,6

delta E

2 2
Residue on sieve 63 µm

% max

0,1 0,1
pH 6-8 6-8
Moisture % max 0,15 0,15

3.   Packing:

25 kg multiply paper bags, 1 pallet / 1000 kg,  shrink-wrap


Laying of asphalt mixture coloured by the pigment  CK 835.


Recommended dosage for the pigment into asphalt mixtures is 3-5 % for the whole weight of the mixture. The temperatures around 200 ° C that usually occures during the production of asphalt mixtures do not cause any problem for most of our pigments. We recommend to use only pigments on the basis of metal oxides because of their higher stability and resistance – for green tones chromium oxides, for the rest iron oxides.


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